issued (UTC): 2013-17-01T08:20:44

Event type: CME_arrival

Event time uncertainty: 1

Event probability of arrival: 0

Event update No: 0

Predicted ionosphere disturbance scale: I1 - Disturbed
Predicted arrival time (UTC): 2013-09-06T10:00:00
Predicted condition of the Ionosphere Actual and one hour forecasted TEC maps are provided by SWACI.
Predicted geomagnetic disturbances: expected minimum Kp: 2
Predicted geomagnetic disturbances: expected maximum Kp: 55
Expected Hazards Impacts on high frequency (HF) radio propagation expected. Influence on positioning and navigation is possible.
Influenced geographic area: not specified
Associated halo CME:
Associated Presto Message: PRESTO FROM SIDC - RWC BELGIUM