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Local geomagnetic activity indices

The local activity indices are defined as absolute mean deviations of the current horizontal component of the geomagnetic field at the location relative to the previous days mean value.

Provision of local geomagnetic indices data for AFFECTS

The local geomagnetic activity indices are generated and provided by University of Tromso for a list of magnetometers. After generation the data is directly transferred to this website and provided here for the AFFECTS consortium members and registered users.

Current observations

All activity index values are updated hourly, while k index values per definition are 3 hourly.

Monthly Data Base

Historical data base

Additional Magnetometer data is available at University of Tromso:

Use of local geomagnetic indices data in AFFECTS

The local geomagnetic indices are basically used for the monitoring of the auroral geomagnetic activity and for validation of the early warning messages.

Description of application


Data access

Validation of Early Warning for GNSS



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