Advanced Forecast For Ensuring Communications Through Space


Current Status

Predicted ionosphere disturbance scale: I1 - Disturbed
Predicted start time (UTC): 2013-11-13T16:00:00
Predicted Ionosphere:
predicted DIX:not specified
predicted Maximum TEC (>60N):not specified
predicted Maximum TEC (40N to 60N):not specified
predicted Maximum TEC (>60N):not specified
Forecast TEC map:Forecast TEC maps up to 24 hours in advance. The forecast is based on a perturbation TEC model, predicting the most probable developent of the ionospheric storm conditions.
Current TEC map:Current and one hour forecasted TEC maps, provided by SWACI.
Predicted geomagnetic activity:
predicted maximum Kp:not specified
predicted minimum Dst:0
Expected Hazards: Impacts on high frequency (HF) radio propagation expected. Influence on positioning and navigation is possible.
Influenced geographic area: not specified
Probability of incidence:not specified

Related solar transient event:
event type:not specified
event ID:2
update no:0
Source: SWACI Service at German Aerospace Center - DLR Issued: 2013-07-08T01:40:00

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